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Helicopter Safety Briefing

  • Purpose of the helicopter (transportation A to B, AATH spot and drop hunting, scenic, other)
  • Helicopter layout and seating arrangement
  • Handholds and steps (practice in yard)
  • Terrain and animals, multiple animals/species

The Guide or Pilot will load or unload the hunter/client and equipment.

Guide or pilot are in charge of opening and closing the doors. Doors remain closed during flight.”

“Only the Guide or Pilot will handle / carry the firearms and equipment around the helicopter” (note to Guide: If you are carrying rifles, fishing rods, tools or hill sticks, keep them and yourself at a low profile both approaching and exiting the helicopter)

“Hats / Caps and loose items to be removed while in or around the helicopter, as they may blow up into the main rotors or tail rotors”

“NEVER reach up or chase after hat or other articles that blow away. Keep elbows and hands below shoulder height at all times.”

When entering and exiting keep your head and hands below the top of the door frame.
No smoking in or around the helicopter

Fasten seatbelt immediately upon entering helicopter and keep fastened until exiting. Also keep loose belongings clear of all control sticks and pedals.”

Place your headset on when seated in the helicopter and remove immediately prior to disembarking.

“Hunter is to stay within Arms Reach of the Guide unless instructed otherwise and follow his directions.”

“When disembarking from the helicopter (in a hunt situation) it is generally best to move approximately 1 yard from the front side of the skid, squat and let the helicopter fly away from you.”

“Adhere to the Manuka Point Lodge Firearms Rules.”

“The firearm is only to be loaded when instructed by the guide.” (note to Guide: Keep spare ammunition handy)

“Always point the firearm in a safe direction. There is to be no shooting if the helicopter is in front of the hunter.”

“When landing the guide is to make it clear if the hunter/client is to disembark or to stay in helicopter.” Explain about repositioning for a shot and recovery of game and photo shoot.

“If the helicopter is on uneven ground approach and exit in FRONT and on the DOWN HILL SIDE and beware of the main rotors.”

“NEVER EVER walk around the back of a helicopter.”

“Protect your eyes from rotor-wash. If blinded by swirling dust or grit or snow, STOP & DROP and wait for assistance.”

“Hover loading and unloading; ALWAYS do so in a smooth and unhurried manner”. Demonstrate.

Safety equipment and beacon. Survival gear location.

Noise and downwash can cause confusion so take your time and stay alert.

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