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Chamois Trophy Hunting in New Zealand

Allow a buck Chamois enough years in which to grow his horns to full potential, ensure his range is not ‘cluttered’ with too much game and there is every chance your ‘Patterson Team’ professional hunting guide will guide you to a top shelf GOLD MEDAL trophy Chamois in New Zealand.

A mature Chamois buck will stand 30 to 36 inches at the shoulder and weigh less than 100 lbs. Although they are classed zoologically as members of the goat family a Chamois appears more like a species of antelope with their slender legs and small body profile.

What is a trophy? Both male and female Chamois grow horns, with annual rings, but the horns of the female are somewhat slenderer and lack the full one hundred and eighty degree hook of a buck. Both male and female are highly regarded as trophies. However judging whether a Chamois is a trophy or not is a simple skill, for if there is at least a two inch gap between the erect tip of the ear and the tip of the horn you are looking at a GOLD MEDAL trophy.

Be aware of their Achilles Heel! – Chamois are forever alert and time after time will see the hunter before he sees them. If this is the case get yourself settled into a comfortable shooting position, load your rifle and wait. Almost without fail a Chamois will race to a ridgeline and pause briefly to look back. As a Chamois is about to pause in his flight he will drop his rump, and then take two or three steps before standing still. The dropping of the rump is your signal that you are about to get a two or three second window for a well-placed shot.