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New Zealand Hunting

‘Hunt in the Tracks of Trophy Legends’

INTERNATIONAL HUNTING – The excitement of a hunt begins at the very moment an advertisement in a hunting magazine, or pages of a website, somehow draws your attention. That excitement remains as you delve further into the prospects of a New Zealand hunting adventure. You talk to others who have hunted at the location you are considering, their enthusiasm further heightening your desire. That excitement remains throughout, even during a journey perhaps half-way across the globe. And, who has slept well the night before Day One of a guided hunt? Your excitement is there, right up to your finally squeezing the trigger, and beyond. We all hunt for the joy of the hunt, but also for the all-consuming excitement of the experience.

Both Don and Will Patterson are indeed members of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association and hold certification endorsements from the New Zealand Hunting Academy, New Zealand Department of Conservation and New Zealand Tourism Association.

Don Patterson offers his many years of New Zealand hunting skills and experience with species he’s hunted since his late childhood. He offers knowledge and understanding of the game you have booked to hunt, species you’ve never seen before in the wild. He offers his skilful judgement of what is, and isn’t a GOLD MEDAL class trophy. Don offers a wealth of local knowledge about the weather, the terrain where you’ll be hunting, where the game is to be found. One famous legend guide was heard to say that a professional guide working in New Zealand was every known profession moulded into one person. Translation? Don Patterson is Master of his Craft, a mine of knowledge and hunting experience at your personal disposal. That’s what a hunt in New Zealand at Manuka Point Lodge, with the ‘Team Patterson’ offers you.

“Don Patterson- You have one of the most pristine properties in the world. Its skill level to tackle the treacherous heights that only few men’s eyes have seen in the world, words can’t express its true beauty. Someday I will be back!” Zack Moye (cameraman for Colorado Buck)

Have you have any questions about hunting in New Zealand or at Manuka Point?

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