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New Zealand Professional Hunter’s Academy (PHA)

Both Will and Don have graduated from the newly-established Professional Hunter Academy, a demanding course of instruction designed to up-grade the standards and quality of professional hunting guiding in New Zealand. Specialising in both deer hunting and alpine hunting. We must congratulate Don and Will for participating in this course of instruction, despite their many years of highly successful guiding, they both sought to be tested by their peers and you guessed it, passed with ease.

Ben Patterson – owner and Chief Pilot of ‘Wilderness Wings’ an air charter service. Ben and Marianne are the ‘’Tour Guide Team’ for scenic flights and visits to any of the South Island’s famous tourist locations. Imagine deciding one evening that the non-hunter/s wish to have a shopping excursion the following day; no problem. Ben will be in first thing in the morning and off they go flying to the shops in Queenstown. Exciting and endless possibilities. All will be delivered back to the Lodge (parcels included) in time for dinner that evening. You can also fly effortlessly around the Southern Alps on a scenic flight, including Mt Cook our highest peak and many world famous glaciers! The Garden of Eden, Tasman, Franz Joseph and Fox Glacier.

Dave Reese – Professional hunting guide. Don’s first cousin, Dave immediately qualifies as a member of the Team Patterson. There is no doubt Dave is a great hunter for he has stalked and secured many a fine trophy for sportsmen deer hunting and alpine hunting at Manuka Point. Additionally he is an endurance athlete, competed in the ‘Coast-to-Coast’ a race from the west to the east coast of the South Island, a distance of 147 miles. The course takes competitors up and over the Main Divide of the Southern Alps. Competitors run, cycle and canoe, in a twenty-four hour period. The fact that Dave has played representative rugby in both New Zealand and U.K. marks him as a true Kiwi.

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Don W.C. Patterson, Professional Hunter and Outfitter Contact Don Patterson – owner of Manuka Point Lodge; Professional Hunter, Outfitter and Host.

US Freephone:

1 855 750 0845

NZ Telephone

+64 3 318 5878