So, you’ve got yourself a fine GOLD MEDAL Cape Buffalo trophy hanging in pride of place in your trophy room. You had a mighty rush of adrenalin when you dropped that ill-tempered old bush dweller at ten yards? Want to do it again? You can in New Zealand.

Book a hunt with Don Patterson at Manuka Point Lodge and his team will take you into the deepest darkest wilderness and offer you a New Zealand Wild Bull hunt the like of which you’ve never imagined. And when we say deepest and darkest we are talking about absolutely untouched wilderness forest thick with underbrush, a challenge in itself to stalk through.

As is the case with Arapawa ram, goat and Wild Boar the original of these fearsome forest dwelling Wild Bulls is unknown. Our best guess is their ancestors escaped from teams of oxen used in our early pioneer days for pulling heavily loaded freight wagons. After escaping and locating in dense forest, as far from man as possible, these bovines have bred and with the passing of many generations they have reverted to wild, wild, wild, (and nasty).

Oh. Yes, be sure to bring your .375 with you; you’ll need it.

Any hunter who has accepted the challenge of hunting New Zealand wild bull will be able to stand tall, a real trophy hunter.

Do you any questions about hunting in New Zealand or at Manuka Point?

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