New Zealand Hunting Lodge

The lodge is your gateway to the Main Divide of the Southern Alps.

“Those who come to Manuka Point can expect cuisine and customer service that will make it hard to leave the Lodge. Alps, mountain meadows, forests, manuka groves, valley floors and a sense of grandeur that can be best described as ‘over the top'”.
Greg Morton, Hunting Report

The new 5,000 sq ft Lodge completed in February 2009 was commissioned to celebrate 100 years of hunting tradition. It is centrally located on the vast private property.

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There are good times to be enjoyed after the hunt.

Relax after Trophy Hunting, New Zealand

Bathed in dappled sun lounge is a warm, relaxing and inviting.

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Kitchen and dining, where delicious meals are prepared.

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Manuka Point Lodge Bathroom

One of three private ensuite bathrooms.


Hunting here is so much more than just pulling the trigger. Unforgettable experiences are a daily occurrence, and your stay will truly feed the soul. You’ve been looking for that hunters’ Eden and this is it.

At heart, this is an authentic hunting lodge with stunning alpine views from every window. The walls of the Lodge display successes of the hunt, and the whole ambience is one of comfort, awe, anticipation, and excitement.

The Lodge has a cozy fireplace, leather suites, crystal glassware, wood panel doors, native timber furniture, and original art works. It is the perfect place to relax and plan the finer details of your hunt. There are three private guest bedrooms with either king size or twin beds, and each bedroom has its own ensuite.

The Lodge has phone, fax, Internet, wireless satellite broadband and satellite television.