‘When on your big game hunting trip, you hunt trophy GOLD MEDAL Red stag deer with us at Manuka Point Lodge you’ll be writing yet another chapter into the one hundred year old history of trophy hunting the ‘Red Stags of the Rakaia.’

Red Stag – Bill Hinckley SCI 588

Manuka Point Lodge has recorded a 100% success rate on booked trophies to date.



Red Stag

Red stag (Cervus elaphus scotius)
A Red Stag’s sixth sense is his protection. You will be amazed while deer hunting, that a Red stag can sense you over a mile away in certain circumstances. Red stag trophies are revered for their heavy multi- pointed antlers that typically form a crown of points at the antler tops. Nothing matches a Red stag for sheer antler mass to body size. The Red stag deer is one of the most majestic and noble creatures a hunter will ever encounter while deer hunting in New Zealand.