In common with the Arapawa ram and goat, pigs were also released into the wild by our earliest explorers and pioneers, for the hunting and food.

Given the slightest opportunity a large Wild Boar will, overnight, decimate a farmer’s crop, or, in early spring, feast on new-born lambs. There are records from game meat recovery depots of extremely large wild boars tipping the scales at more than 400 lbs. That’s a very large adversary, particularly so should you be the sole reason for his being mad at the world!

The traditional method of hunting wild boar in New Zealand is to use dogs, to find and hold, then to dispatch the boar with a knife. Yes, that’s correct a knife, however rifles are allowed. This is extraordinarily exciting hunting, but only for the very fit, very quick, those with excellent endurance and an ability to fast climb a tree, if need be!!

The ‘Team Patterson’ guides will not ask you to hunt Wild Boar in the forest with a knife, too risky for one and all. But, they’ll do their best to place you within an easy rifle shot of a trophy GOLD MEDAL wild boar.

As is the case with hunting Wild Boar world-wide, and in Africa with Warthog, it is the length of circumference of the tusk that dictates trophy quality.